Where to go in Bali: Guide to The Best Regions to Visit in Bali

Where to go in Bali: Guide to The Best Regions to Visit in Bali

Date: February 26, 2020
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The little piece of heaven is not even enough to describe the beauty of Bali. From outstanding beach vacations, rustic villages, to the scenic and secluded villas, Bali is a perfect destination for anyone seeking a tropical getaway. In this article, we won’t list such kinds of ‘things to do in Bali’ which make you left in confusion because a place and another can be located very far away. To help you discover the true color of Bali without the confusion of planning when visiting a foreign place, here we write a complete guide for each region in Bali that you can choose to visit. Check the Where to go in Bali: Guide to Best Regions to stay in Bali article!

1. Ubud, for soul rejuvenation

Ubud was made when God was smiling, isn’t it? Ubud has almost everything other than beaches. You can spend time in Ubud by hiking through serene trail such as Campuhan Ridge Walk, relax at the hidden waterfall such as Bangkingan Djaran Fall, or just simply get a relaxing spa overlooking paddy fields. After a full day enjoying its scenic nature, go to see traditional Kecak dance in Pura Dalem Taman Kaja Temple. Whatever you do, you’re going to fall in love with this place.

It’s no wonder that Ubud, the area located amidst misty mountains, is a favorite destination for those who seek for soul rejuvenation.

Things to do in Ubud

2. Kuta, for lively nightlife

If you’re looking for crazy and colorful nightlife, then Kuta might be for you. It offers partygoers bustling and exciting parties right until the sun rises when the sellers are ready to open their stores. In the day time, Kuta is known for its various choices of beach bars. Imagine sitting down in a bean bag with a cheap beer in your hand while overlooking a stunning orange sky as the sun goes down.

The main Kuta beach is not the best neither the most beautiful. Yes, it can be a little bit overcrowded sometimes. But if you’re looking for a great place to surf, or at least learn to surf, then Kuta Beach is a perfect choice.

Things to do in Kuta

  • Party hard best nightclubs such as Sky Garden, Bounty Discotheque, Hard Rock Café Bali, and the Bosche VVIP Club
  • Enjoy sunset at the Kuta Beach
  • Shopping in the BeachWalk Mall
  • Surfing at the Kuta Beach
  • Take mind-blowing pictures at the Upside Down World Bali
  • Watch traditional performance Kuta Theater
  • Learn textile history at Museum Kain

3. Canggu, for cafe culture and peaceful beaches

Many said that the Canggu ambiance is like Ubud. It’s calm, peaceful, and tranquil. The difference is Canggu has a coastline, and some beautiful beaches to relax and enjoy the breezing winds. Having a plethora of café and co-working spaces, Canggu has been the favorite destination for expatriates and digital nomads other than Ubud. Need fresh and healthy tropical foods? You can easily find it around Canggu.

Things to do in Canggu

  • Walk around and discover beautiful murals around the area
  • Go to Sunday markets such as Samadi Bali Market and the Love Anchor Canggu Market
  • Watch a traditional performance at the Tugu Hotel Bali
  • Enjoy coffee in a café in Canggu. One of the best is Café Vida
  • Admire Tanah Lot Temple
  • Rent a scooter and ride around Canggu to see scenic paddy fields
  • Enjoy the sunset in Berawa Beach
  • Surf in the Canggu beach at the best time: morning

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4. Sanur, for quiet beach town with a glimpse of the culture

Sanur is a beach town located in the Eastern part of Denpasar. It’s not too crowded like Kuta, neither too quiet like Nusa Penida. Sanur is just a perfect place to relax in a place with a more local and rustic feeling. A great way to spend time in Sanur is to walk on its paved-path across the beach that stretches 5 KM long. At night, go to the Night Market or the so-called Pasar Malam to spice up your journey with a taste of local street foods. With its peaceful serenity and a glimpse of local culture, staying in Sanur is a feast for the senses.

Note that Sanur is on the eastern coast of South Bali. Therefore, you cannot enjoy the sunset. But, you can enjoy stunning sunrise in Sanur Beach!

Hint: Sanur is the main getaway to get a boat to Nusa Islands

Things to do in Sanur

  • Enjoy a morning walk along the paved-path across the beach
  • Learn Balinese culture and history at the Museum Le Mayeur
  • Amaze the Blanjong Pillar
  • See stunning sunrise at the Sanur Beach
  • Taste street foods at the Sanur Night Market
  • Visit Nusa Islands from Sanur

5. Seminyak, for a luxurious vacation

The lively vibes of Seminyak combine with luxurious accommodations are the main reasons to stay in Seminyak. Staying in Seminyak allows you to get closer glimpses to its luxurious lifestyle and the scenes of exclusive fashion boutiques from local to the international designer along the Seminyak main’s street. The Plantation Grill Restaurant located in Double Six Hotel is just one of many well-established restaurants in Seminyak. Such a fabulous lifestyle makes you feel like it’s on another island.

Things to do in Seminyak

  • Enjoy sunset view with a beer in a beach bar
  • Hangout at the beach clubs
  • Go shop the finest fashions along the main road of Seminyak
  • Immerse yourself in the culture of Bali by visiting Pura Petitenget
  • Stay in a luxurious resort
  • Go scuba diving
  • Admire art at the Nyaman Gallery
  • Spend your evening at Ku De Ta

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6. Jimbaran, for a romantic getaway

Located only 15 minutes away from Bali international airport, Jimbaran offers a stretch of pristine beaches with a peaceful ambiance. The Jimbaran beach is perfect for those looking for a quieter place to relax, away from the crowd like in Kuta. Previously a fishing village, now Jimbaran has grown as a romantic getaway. Traveling with your precious half? Bring her/him to candlelit dinner in Jimbaran Beach with a sunset view accompanying your precious moment together. Apart from its romantic vibe, the seafood in Jimbaran is truly one of the best in Bali.

Things to do in Jimbaran

  • Enjoy romantic dinner with your loved one at the Jimbaran Beach during sunset
  • Amaze the statue Garuda Wisnu Kencana
  • Surf in Suluhan Beach and Padang Padang Beach
  • Learn to make pottery at the Jenggala Gallery
  • Buy freshly caught seafood at the Jimbaran fish market in early morning
  • Go fishing trip
  • See beautiful arts at the Jenggala Gallery

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7. Nusa Islands, for a serene beach vacation

Nusa Islands are three groups of islands located on the eastern coast of Bali. It consists of Nusa Penida (the biggest one), Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. This is a great alternative for a quieter vacation enjoying beaches of Bali. Although known for its Kelingking viewpoint spot and sometimes overcrowded of people taking photographs, it’s for good reason: it’s truly stunning scenery to enjoy. Apart from that, there are lots of choices of natural destinations around the islands.

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Things to do in Nusa Islands

  • Rush your adrenaline in the Mahana Point for cliff jumping
  • Relax at the natural pool in Devil’s Tear.
  • Amaze the stunning view of Kelingking viewpoint
  • Swim at the crystal clear water of Crystal Bay, Angel’s Billabong
  • Take picturesque Instagrammable picture at the Rumah Pohon
  • Sun-bath and just play in the powdery Suwehan Beach
  • Watch breathtaking sunset at Jungut Batu Beach
  • Admire God’s natural creation at the Saren Cliff Viewpoint
  • Swim and snorkel with sea turtles at the Gamat Bay

8. Uluwatu, for a world-class surfing destination and Kecak Fire Dance

Being one of the best-surfing destinations, if not the best, does not make Uluwatu feels so touristy. With various options of beaches and different tides of waves, you don’t need to be an expert to surf at Uluwatu beaches. On the other hand, you can just lay back and feel its peaceful serenity. And watch surfers surf against the waves with a sunset view in the background.

Uluwatu is also known as the best place to watch Kecak fire dance. Head to Uluwatu Temple and see the mystical dance of Kecak during sunset. Love to wake up early even on vacation? Get a sip of coffee in Suka Espresso and immerse yourself in Uluwatu café culture.

Indeed, Uluwatu has to be on your list of where to stay in Bali for your next vacation.

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Things to do in Uluwatu

  • Watch the mystical Kecak Fire Dance at the Uluwatu Temple during sunset
  • Hangout in cafes around Uluwatu
  • See the stunning view from the Balangan Viewpoint
  • Relax in style at the private Thomas Beach
  • Take a picturesque picture at the Karang Boma Cliff
  • Sit in the bean bag of Uluwatu Bar while watching the sunset
  • Relax in hidden Suluban Beach

9. Kintamani, for nature enthusiast away from the crowd

Located in the northern part of Bali, Kintamani offers a more authentic journey on the holy island. From the misty atmosphere of Mount Batur and the tranquility of Lake Batur to the magical taste of Kintamani coffee, Kintamani is a not to miss destination for the nature enthusiast. Head yourself to the Pura Ulun Danu Batur for a glimpse of culture in this more authentic side of Bali. Getting tired of hiking in Mount Batur? Relax at the natural hot springs to get your energy recharged for the next adventure around Kintamani.

Rent a scooter or a car to reach Kintamani from anywhere in Bali

Things to do in Kintamani

10. Karangasem, for the stunning temples

The other not to miss destination in Bali is Karangasem, if you prefer the more authentic side of Bali, away from the hustle and bustle of popular tourism. Karangasem is the cultural gems of Bali where you can see some of Bali’s most stunning temples like the water palace Tirta Gangga and Pura Lempuyang Luhur known as ‘the Gate of Heaven’. Also, visit Pura Besakih to get a glimpse of the holiest temple in Bali.

Need a little bit feel of nature? There are a plethora of unspoiled natural destinations in Karangasem. Ride to the Bias Tugel Beach and Bukit Asah Bug Bug for ocean view. Or head your direction to Yeh Labuh Waterfall to relax and get rejuvenation of your soul in the hidden waterfall, far away from any distractions.

Things to do in Karangasem

  • Hike Mount Agung (currently closed, check before planning)
  • Admire the architecture of Pura Penataran Agung
  • See sacred rituals at the Bali’s holiest temple Pura Besakih
  • See the uniqueness of Rumah Pohon Karangasem
  • Get in touch with locals at the Bugbug village
  • Explore a former royal palace of Eastern Bali, the Water Palace of Tirta Gangga
  • Take a stunning picture at the Pura Lempuyang Luhur
  • Feel the tranquility of Bias Tugel Beach and Bukit Asah Bugbug
  • Hike to the hidden Yeh Labuh Waterfall


Thank you for reading our guide for Where to go in Bali: Guide to Best Regions to stay in Bali. Let us know if you have any questions or need any help to arrange your next trip to Bali. We will be happy to help!

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