The Ultimate Guide to Visit Kintamani: All You Need to See and How to Visit Kintamani 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Visit Kintamani: All You Need to See and How to Visit Kintamani 2020

Located in the Northeast of Bali Island, only one hour away from Ubud, Kintamani offers travelers beautiful scenery of its highland surrounding Mount Batur region. While most travelers choose to stay and enjoy the lively South part of Bali, the Kintamani Bali region is left unspoiled. Thus, visit Kintamani for its tranquility far away from the hustle and bustle of South Bali. 

Mount Batur and Lake Batur attract most travelers who visit the enchanting region. But the mystical land offers many more to see, especially villages with its own authentic culture. One must-visit is the Trunyan Village, home to the Aga people, who practice pre-Hindu beliefs with their unique way of burial. 

How to make the best out of your trip to Kintamani? From places to visit and hidden gems not to miss, when to visit, how to visit, check out the article of Ultimate Guide to Visit Kintamani 2020!

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Things to know before visiting Kintamani

Away from the influence of tourism development in other parts of Bali, most Kintamani population work as farmers. Therefore, wearing proper clothes is advisable when visiting. Due to its highland location near Mount Batur, the primary agricultural commodities in Kintamani are tomatoes, oranges, shallots, and especially coffee, which is one of the best in Indonesia. It also means that it’s wise to prepare a jacket and warm clothes because the weather can be cold, ranging from 10C to 15C only. Other than agriculture, Kintamani is also known for a place to look for the petite dog, known as Kintamani dog.

Things to do in Kintamani

1. Hike for sunrise in Mount Batur


Towering 1,717 meters above sea level, Mount Batur is favorite for those looking to see the incredible view of sunrise from its peak. You don’t need to tire yourself to see the sunrise. As long as you’re fit, reaching the top of Mount Batur only requires two-hours hiking. 

If you stay in the Southern coastal regions such as Seminyak and Kuta, it requires you around two hours to arrive in the hiking base of Mount Batur. Thus you have to start your journey from 1.45 AM at least. If you stay in Ubud, then it requires you only around 1 hour to arrive. The best option is to stay at Kintamani Village so you can get ready to start hiking at 4 AM without experiencing a long sleepy, cold ride to Mount Agung. Moreover, you’ll have better chance of exploration of your visit Kintamani Bali.

When the article is written, 4 March 2020, Mount Batur is open and safe to hike. 

2. Enjoy the Tranquility of Lake Batur

Mount Batur, Lake Batur, Visit Kintamani, Things to do in Kintamani

After experiencing the magical sunrise of Mount Batur, spend your time enjoying the vibe of crystal blue water of Lake Batur, the largest freshwater lake in Bali. There are a plethora of activities you can do like rafting, canoeing, or fishing at the lake. Just want to relax? Lunch at Resto Apung, where you can devour delicious Balinese dishes with the view and peaceful serenity of Lake Batur. Apart from its water, villages around Lake Batur are also worth to visit thanks to its authenticity.

3. Visit Ulun Danu Batur Temple

Kintamani Bali

Only a short drive from Lake Batur, the Ulun Danu Batur Temple, is one of the oldest temples in Bali, dated back to the 11th century. However, the temple was totally renovated in 1926 due to damages from Mount Batur eruption. Famous because of its appearance on Indonesia paper money, the beautiful sight of the so-called Batur Temple perched on Lake Beratan is not to be missed in your visit Kintamani Bali itinerary.

4. Lunch at Penelokan Village

Penelokan Village offers an alternative option for lunch other than Lake Batur. Thanks to its highland geographical position, there are many restaurants offer lunch experience with its delicious Balinese dishes while overlooking the stunning view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur at once. Some of the best are The Lookout Resto & Bar and the Lakeview Restaurant.

5. Get your body rejuvenated at the Natural Hot Spring in Toya Bongkah Village

Toya Bongkah’ word came from Balinese language, Toya means water, while Bongkah means stone, thanks to the existence of a natural hot spring in the village. The facility is already improved so you can relax at the warm water safely. Contains sulfur, with around 40 Celcius degree, Balinese believe that the water has the ability to cure skin diseases. The ticket to enter is around 5 USD.

6. Visit the Trunyan village to see the unique culture 

Kintamani Bali

Not the easiest one to visit, it’s only accessible by boat, but the one you must visit when in Kintamani. Trunyan Village is home to the native Balinese, the Aga people. The Aga people are a primitive society and practice animism belief, predating Hindu arrival in Bali. The tradition that attracts lots of people to visit its soil is their burial culture.

The people of Trunyan don’t burry the dead. Instead, the body is left deceased laid in the soil covered with bamboo cages. Upon arrival, you’ll see numerous skulls and bones lies all over the cemetery area and its surroundings. Strangely, there’s no smell from the body, even if it’s a fresh one. According to the Aga people, it’s the huge Taru Menyan tree, a tree where they lay the dead body is, that absorbs the smell. You will learn a lot when visiting Trunyan Village. Who knows this is going to be your life-changing experience. Visit Trunyan village with us for the best experience guaranteed!

7. Explore the coffee plantation in Kintamani Village

Due to its highland location, Kintamani produces high-quality coffee, one of the most renowned in Indonesia. To be fair, your trip is incomplete without exploring the coffee farm and do a coffee tasting experience. As there are hectares of the plantations, it’s very easy to find one around the Kintamani village. Do not miss to try the authentic Luwak Kopi when visiting.

8. Learn Balinese History and Geology at Museum Geopark Batur

Museum Geopark Batur is located just a short 5-minute drive from Lake Batur, a good way to spend the rest of your day after hiking Mount Batur and visiting the lake. With only 1 USD, travelers are allowed to explore the museum offering collections and information related to Balinese history and culture, especially the ones related to geology.

How to visit Kintamani

Public transportation

Kintamani is reachable by bus, where you can get either from Denpasar or Ubud. You just need to go to the terminal closest to your hotel or hostel, then get a minibus with only around 5 USD to visit Kintamani. And you’ll arrive in Kintamani for around two up to three hours, depend on stops and traffic. Usually, the minibus will start departing once it’s full.

By motorbike and car

It’s also easy to visit Kintamani with a scooter by yourself. Motorbike is very cheap to rent with only around 5-7 USD per day, and you’ll have a chance to explore anything around the way and go wherever you want to go. Remember, the road to Kintamani is full of scenic scenery as you will ride from lowlands to the highlands, we promise that your journey will be memorable. Car is another great option, and it costs you from 15 USD per day, depending on the type and the service (self-drive or with a driver). You can spend one full day to complete all the recommended places in Kintamani. However, if you want to enjoy and feel the trip, two days are more advisable.

Rent scooter or car with us for guaranteed quality and best service. With us, you can feel free to choose the places you want to visit, be it a popular attraction or hidden gems located remotely like the Trunyan Village.

Is staying in Kintamani advisable?

Definitely, yes! There is a lot of accommodation available in Kintamani, especially around Lake Batur. From 4 star hotel or resort to the one with the lowest price, all are available. Staying in Kintamani set you close to the hiking point of Mount Batur. On the other hand, you have more time to immerse yourself with the beauty of Kintamani.

So, how was the Ultimate Guide to Visit Kintamani 2020? Do you want to go to Kintamani? Give comment below or contact us for the assistance of traveling across Bali. 

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