11 Romantic Activities to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Bali

11 Romantic Activities to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Bali

Date: February 13, 2020
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Are you going to spend Valentine’s day in Bali with your significant other? If you do, you made the right decision. There are plenty of romantic things and activities to spend a vacation with your lover. From enjoying the beach, the mountains, until the fanciest places to spend time with your lover, all exist in Bali.

This is the complete guide on how to spend valentine’s day with your partner the whole day on the island called a little piece of heaven. So, if you want to make the most of your valentine’s day in Bali, then check out our recommendations below!

Mount Batur Hiking

Romantic Hiking in Mount Batur, Bali

Start your day watching breathtaking sunrise in Mount Batur with your lover. A memory of discovering something beautiful like this is usually the one that sticks on the memory. Mount Batur hike is quite an easy hike with only two hours of hiking duration. All of the tiredness will suddenly go away once both of you see the amazing sea of clouds on top of Mount Batur.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Romantic Activity for Valentine Day in Bali

Campuhan Ridge is an easier hike compared to Mount Batur, but also offers outstanding sights of nature. From the scenery of rice paddies, green forest and picturesque stretches of hills, the 1,5-hour hiking in Campuhan Ridge Walk is going to make a great start of valentine’s day. On the way, surprise your lover by bringing her to lunch at some local eateries with natural views. 

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Enjoy the quietness of Kayaking in Batur Lake

Kayaking in Mount Batur, a perfect way to spend valentine day

Do you want to enjoy the world like it’s only you and your lover in? Kayaking in Batur Lake would be a great one to go since it’s very quiet and is less popular things to do in Bali. Imagine both of you can talk and enjoy the moment just together only accompanied by the sound of nature and water of the lake. Moreover, the kayaking itself would be a unique moment to enjoy for both you. 

Paragliding in Timbis Beach

Get the adrenaline of both of you running by enjoying the thrilling experience of Paragliding in Timbis Beach. Imagine being able to see the whole unobstructed views of sea combines with littered hills beside the beach, an experience your partner will never forget. Don’t forget to bring the action camera to record the amazing views from the top!

Relaxing in a Spa Before Going to Romantic Dinner

After doing some activities together in the morning together, relaxing together in a spa would be a nice moment to enjoy. Furthermore, having a spa is also a good way to re-charge your energy before going to valentine’s dinner in the evening. Bali is the heaven of spa vacations. Surely it won’t be hard to find spas that offer a refreshing spa experience combines with natural sights. 

Snorkeling or Diving in Nusa Dua Beach

There is no better way to enjoy time together rather than exploring something new. Bring your lover to see the beauty of marine life in Nusa Dua Beach, the best place to snorkeling in Bali. As locals still preserve the underwater life of Nusa Dua Beach, its beautiful coral reefs, school of fish such as mola-mola and the manta rays would be something not to miss. For the guaranty of the best experience, book your snorkeling trip here

Simply ride a scooter together discovering hidden gems in Bali!

Sometimes it’s just a simple thing you do together than ends up become meaningful, like riding a scooter across the cultural lands of Bali. Get lost, discover hidden gems, you’ll never know what beautiful things you’ll find out on your journey of valentine’s day in Bali. Moreover, most of the beautiful places in Bali are easier to reach by scooters.

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Swim together in the private infinity pool in Bali!

There are a plethora of infinity pools you can choose in Bali, the Ubud Hanging Garden is one of the best. The multi-layered pool overlooking an impressive jungle view in Hanging Garden is among the top reasons why it becomes one of the most popular pools in Bali. However, you don’t have to stay for the pool experience. 

Enjoy a thrilling ATV ride with your lover in Gianyar!

Having adventurous routes awaits, Gianyar is the best place for ATV riding in Bali. Ride through the muds, water, and enjoy all the fun of ATV riding with your partner would make your day together becoming colorful. The ATV ride in Gianyar includes passing through some views of tranquil rice fields, a small river, bamboo trees, coffee, and local spices garden. Wouldn’t it be an extraordinary romantic experience, right?

Relaxing in quiet Balangan Beach and wait for the sunset!

Valentine’s day in Bali without a single beach visit is a lost. But there are still numerous choices of quiet beaches to relax and sunbathe with your lover, away from the crowds. Head your direction to Balangan Beach in the Southern part of Bali. The beach is good for a couple thanks to its unpopularity, making the beach almost crowd-zero all the time. Relaxing here and waiting for the sunset while talking deep with a lover would be something anyone wants to enjoy.

Another option is to visit Gili Meno, and Island located off the western coast of Lombok. Compared to the other Gili islands, Gili Meno is the quietest, and less touristy, therefore it’s very good for a couple and honeymoon. Visit Gili Meno with our fast boat which would only take 1,5 hours. 

Lunch at breathtaking view restaurant

You don’t need to wait for a fancy dinner to enjoy eating time in an extraordinary place. Lunch in restaurants with breathtaking views would also make the most of your valentine’s day. Stop in Boni Restaurant to enjoy devouring with a view of picturesque Tegalalang Rice Fields. Or if you just finished hiking in Mount Batur, Amora Bali Restaurant would the best option as it offers lunch with an unobstructed view of Mount Batur from your seat. 

Enjoy Romantic Candle Light Dinner at Jimbaran Beach Bali

Imagine the two of you sitting down on a side of an ocean, watching the sunset, with couples of candles in between, while devouring some of the best Bali seafood offered, wouldn’t it be a perfect way a romantic vacation? Jimbaran Beach is a phenomenon in terms of romantic dinner destinations. Not only it’s natural without too many humans made decorations, its sunset, and the great foods are also things to count on. 

Bali vacation can be really great when you know what to do and visit. We hope our recommendation helps you so your romantic vacation in Bali becomes meaningful and memorable. Have a nice trip!

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