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As a rental company we will allow you to rent from us with any driver license issued from any country.

However the problem is not with renting scooter or car from us. The problem is with the Police if in random case they will check your driver license.

By Indonesian rules you should have International Driver License or Indonesian License in order to legally driving Car or Scooter. As long as you know the risk (by getting fine on your unlucky day) and willing to deal the matter with the police by your self then you good to rent from us.

Please be noted that  driving license issued by any country is not considering as International Driving License unless it stated or written ‘International Driving License’. So in that case it is only you that can verify whether your driving license is International or not.

Please check other FAQ on ‘How to get tourist driving license in Bali’ to guide you how to obtain local/tourist driving license.

Here are the steps to obtain tourist driving license in Bali for 30 days (Applied for scooter or car)

  1. Go to the Police Station in this address : Jalan Gunung Sanghyang No.110 (Kerobokan) Denpasar, Bali 80225.
  2. Police station will be open on Monday – Friday at 8AM – 2PM. (Friday will be closed at 12PM).
  3. Fee to obtain driving license : IDR 300.000 (this price might change, but this is the roughly price you have to paid)
  4. Documents required are:
    • Passport with your valid visa to stay in Indonesia.
    • Photocopy of passport.
    • Valid driving license (if you have one from any country). If you do not have one, the process slightly longer but you still can obtain without your own driving license.
  5. Once you in Police station go to the ‘Foreign Office Applicant’.
  6. Bring nice attitude and friendly with the Police. In 1 hour you will get your local driving license and do not need to worry to get fine during your stay in Bali.

Note: You need to do it on your own. Bali4Ride is not providing service to assist you in Police station. Unless you keen to hire car and driver from our company to take you to this police station. In this matter our driver could help you to communicate with the police officer.


We have provide the steps to obtain Indonesian driver license (please check other FAQ on ‘How to get tourist driving license in Bali’).

However we do not provide service to assist you in the Police station, you need to go there by yourself.  Unless you keen to hire car and driver from our company to take you to this police station. In this matter our driver could help you to communicate with the police officer.

Here is the address to get driver license
Address : Jalan Gunung Sanghyang No.110 (Kerobokan) Denpasar, Bali 80225

However to avoid any hassle we recommend you to obtain International Driver License before you arrived in Bali, especially when you planning to stay more than 2 weeks in Bali.

Yes it is. Our scooter have a special rack to accommodate a surfboard on the side.  This needs to be specified on request

Unfortunately our service for ATV is not for daily or weekly or monthly basis. For daily use we offered scooter instead.

By Indonesian government rule, ATV is not for normal daily transport in the normal road. ATV is only used for the tourist attraction purpose with the route that already determined by our company.

We understand that this rule might not same with other country but we do not rent out the ATV daily for any reasons.



7.000 IDR / Litre.


Car/Scooter rental insurance can be an added cost. Always check with your own insurance company about coverage when renting a car/scooter it might be that you are already covered under your own policy and/or credit card. You don’t want to end up with double coverage when it’s not necessary. However we’re strongly recommend you to have your own travel insurance.

Easily call our staff and we will come to yourp and solve the problem(s).

You can go to the nearest mechanic to fix it and claim back the payment from us but always ask for a receipt from the mechanic. Or you can call our staff which will be equally happy to help.

17 yrs old when you have  a valid driving license.

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