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Bali Scooter Rental

Bali scooter rental gives you the opportunity to experience the hidden virgin beaches around the island. Enjoy the less populated hidden areas and the freedom of exploring the quiet, lesser-known streets that link the well-worn paths.

Scooter is the most popular transportation in Bali nowadays. Get an adventure by riding Bali4ride scooter around the island could be one of the best options.

Our Bali Scooter rental allows you to get up-close and personal to the many significant destinations in Bali.

Bali scooter rental is one of our services to fulfill your adventure passion.

Bali4Ride scooter will help you to save a lot of time and money.  Our fixed prices mean you never have to worry about getting ripped off.

We offer

  • Best and competitive Rates.

  • An automatic scooter including 2 helmets and 1 rain coat.

  • Delivery and collection Bali Scooter Rental in our coverage area.

  • Unlimited mileage.

  • Daily and monthly rates.

  • Optional insurance.(Please see terms and conditions below for the details)

  • Easy online Booking.

Terms and condition

  • Minimum Bali scooter rental period is 2×24 hour.

  • Renter must be in possession of valid International Driving License or Local license which can be issued by Indonesian Government.  For details to obtain tourist driving license please check our FAQ page.

  • If renter does not possessed the driving license and if there is any case with the police caused of this matter, renter is required to settled the police matter by them self.
  • For Indonesian renter required to give the ID Card (KTP or any other valid ID) as our assurance and will be returned in collecting day.

  • For foreigner required to collect the photocopy of valid passport or other valid ID.

  • Delivery and collecting the vehicle for free within this area : Ngurah Rai International Airport ,  Hotel in Kuta / Legian. Charged will be applied for non-coverage area subject to the location.

  • The delivery and collecting is during business hours ( 8AM – 9PM). Charged will be applied if delivery time outside the business hours.
  • Insurance could be added as requested.  Scooter insurance only cover any damaged up to 1,000,000 IDR. Loss or big damage that caused more than 1,000,000 IDR will not be covered. Renter must pay the damaged or the loss if it cost more than 1,000,000 IDR. (Example: total damage cost 1,500,000 IDR. Insurance will cover only 1,000,000 IDR and renter need to pay 500,000 IDR) Losing scooter during the rental period will not be covered by the insurance and renter is obliged to pay for the replacement cost.

  • Our scooter insurance is for scooter purpose and not covering any injured for the passenger. Therefore customer are strongly suggested to have another travel insurance.

  • Charged will be applied for 1 – 4h delay of collecting the scooter, more than 4h will be charged full day rental. Charges rate = 20% * base price * exceed hour(s).

  • Renter may cancel the booking at least 1 week before the rental date. For them who made down payment, we will refund your full down payment minus the bank charges if it’s applicable. Cancellation before 3 days will have 50% refund. Otherwise no refund for cancellation for any reason.

  • Renter will be asked to sign rental agreement on the day we delivery the vehicle. Please ensure that you are only signing for items you have selected to rented. If you don’t understand the agreement please ask our staff to explain further. Once you sign the agreement we will not be able to refund payment for item/insurance.

bali scooter rental

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Bali Scooter Rental

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