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 Bali Car Rental

A holiday in Bali is never as long as it needs to be, that is why overpriced Bali car rentals or drivers with hidden agendas should never take away from your time on Bali.

When you are on vacation in Bali, there are several ways to go around the island. You can rent a car, a bike or go by taxi. If you decide to go around by taxi, we suggest you to pick reputable taxi. It is no secret that there are so many dishonest taxi drivers in this island who will pull dirty tricks on you. Not only they will make you pay more for their service, but they also will waste your time. It is the same with some Bali car rental companies. They give overpriced price for their service.

Do not let them ruin your sweet time in Bali! We are here to provide you with the best Bali car rental service with very competitive and fixed price. With so many choice types of cars, you can drive by yourself or include driver service in your booking. Rest assure our drivers are licensed and adopt safe driving policies.

Bali car rental could not be simpler or more cost effective than Bali4Ride. As one of Bali leading cost conscious rental companies we strive to achieve a perfect balance of offering our customers a competitive rental package coupled with friendly service and a high quality product. Our car hire fleet is varied and ensures that all our customers have something to choose from. So whether you need a corporate or leisure rental, a long term Bali car rental solution, or even an airport transfer, we can help.

We offer

  • Best and competitive Rates.

  • Wide variety of car.

  • Delivery and collection Bali Car Rental in our coverage area.

  • Unlimited mileage.

  • Daily and monthly rates.

  • Airport transfer.

  • Chauffeur services.

  • English speaking driver.

  • Optional insurance. (Please see terms and conditions below for the details).

  • Easy Online Booking.

Terms and condition

  • Minimum Bali car rental period is 1×24 hours. Free delivery and pick up at coverage area for minimum rental period is 2×24 hours.

  • Renter who intended to drive by them self must be in possession of valid International Driving License or Local license which can be issued by Indonesian Government. For details to obtain tourist driving license please check our FAQ page.

  • If renter does not possessed the driving license and if there is any case with the police caused of this matter, renter is required to settled the police matter by them self.

  • For Indonesian renter required to give the ID Card (KTP or any other valid ID) as a guarantee against any lost, thefts or damages. And it will be returned on your collection day.

  • For foreigner required to collect the photocopy of valid passport or any valid ID.

  • Delivery and collecting the vehicle for free within this area with minimum 2 days rental : Ngurah Rai International Airport ,  Hotel in Kuta / Legian. Charged will be applied for non-coverage area subject to the location.

  • The delivery and collecting is during business hours ( 8AM – 9PM). Charged will be applied if delivery time outside the business hours.

  • Charged will be applied for 1 – 4h delay of collecting the car, more than 4h will be charged full day rental. Charges rate = 20% * base price * exceed hour(s).

  • Renter may cancel the booking at least 1 week before the rental date. For them who have made deposit, we will refund 100% of your deposit minus the bank charges, if any. Cancellation before 3 days will have 50% refund. Otherwise no refund for cancellation for any reason.

  • Renter will be asked to sign Bali car rental agreement on the day we delivery the vehicle. Please ensure that you are only signing for items you have selected to be rented. If you don’t understand the agreement please ask our staff to explain further. Once you sign the agreement we will not be able to refund payment for item/insurance.

Insurance terms and condition

  • Car insurance is only covered any damaged that happened to our car. Not for other car or the collateral damaged that happened during incident.

  • Car insurance is NOT covered for the passenger injury or other victims.

  • In the case when accident happened that caused car’s damaged:

    1. Minor damaged
      • Categorized as Minor damaged is when the damaged of the car is less than 50% , the car still be able to use in the road and no immediate repair necessary, repair time is less than 3 days work. Example : scratch in the body, broken rare mirror, broken light, minor bump that don’t effect the function of the car.
      • When minor damaged happened Renter must pay insurance claim fee start from 500,000 – 1,000,000 IDR depends on the damaged
    2. Major damaged
      • Categorized as Major damaged is when the damaged of the car is more than 50% and the car need to be repair straight away. That causing us losing customer due unavailable car. When major damaged happened, renter and company will be discuss base case per case to find the best and fair fee that need to be paid by the renter. Neutral third party might be involved if there is not agreement between renter and company.
  • Loss of the car will be fully covered by Insurance’s company. However we still need the renter to responsible for these things:

    1. File a report to the police assist by our staff. The fee to make a report at the police will be renter responsibility. The cost will be usually up to 500.000 IDR, please be noted that this cost is only approximately cost.
    2. Claimed back the car from insurance’s company will take times, therefore to compensate our lost the renter must paid for losing car for 10.000.000 IDR.

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Bali Car Rental

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