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Bali4ride is trusted, all-in-one solution for your adventure in Bali including Bali car rental and Bali scooter rental service, Bali water sports, Fast boat to Gili / Lombok, Odyssey Submarine Bali, Turtle Island Bali tour, Seawalker Bali, ATV riding.

Bali4ride offers you services with very competitive price, while saving you from choosing other services that are grossly overpriced. With years of experience, we have served over 1000 clients from different countries.

  • One rates for all – no matter which nationality you have, we will always have same price either for local tourist or international tourist. Unless it states otherwise, in some ride we can’t control for the difference rates, please check Our Fleet to know the details rates.
  • Online booking system – it simplifies the booking process so you can book our services quickly through this website.
  • Friendly staffs – our staffs are available to help you with the booking process and to chat via online if you have any questions about our services or any custom requests for your bookings.
  • Instant messaging  – wherever and whenever you are, let’s start chat with your smart device on Whatsapp , Viber, WeChat, Line, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk. Please find our number or ID on the Contact Us page. And we will happy to hear from you.
  • Social Media – find us on our Facebook  or follow us on Twitter. Keep updated with our latest fleets.
  • English speaking drivers – if you consider renting our cars with driver, our staffs are ready to take you exploring Bali and will also be happy to be your guide during your trip.
  • English speaking and trained instructors - if you consider do the fun adventure with us, all our instructors is well trained and English speaking. They will assist and guide you for any activity that you choose.
  • Wide range of vehicles – no matter what you are looking for, Bali4Ride offers you everything from scooters to luxury SUV, minibuses, jet ski, ATV and fast boat.
  • Variety of water sport activity – we offer you different type of water activity during your holiday in Bali, start from relaxing and fun water sport until the extreme one.

When Adventure Is What Are You Looking For!

We guarantee to give the best adventure beyond your imagination while you are in Bali.

Bali Car Rental, Bali Scooter Rental, Fast Boat to Gili / Lombok, Bali Water Sport, Turtle Island Bali, Odyssey Submarine, Seawalker Bali, ATV Riding.

Either you are in business trip or on vacation we are ready to provide you with our various choices of cars ranging from small city car, SUVs and minibuses. Driver is optional if you need one.

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It will not be a complete holiday in Bali if you haven’t try our Water Sport yet. Perfect activity for them who like to raise adrenaline to the max.Find out more
Our glass bottom boat will take you to the Turtle Island Bali, continue by see the turtles for real and play with them that will bring happiness either for you and the turtles.Find out more
Life is boring when is flat, so does with the road. If you’re desired to have muddy, wet and off road while enjoying the beautiful scenery at Mountain Batukaru to pump your adrenalin, then you better get ready to Riding ATV with us.Find out more
When normal walking into the sea not only your imagination, feel your toes in the sea’s sand and play with the beautiful fish.Find out more


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